Welcome to Desert Doula Birth & Postpartum Services.

Founded in 1997 in Tucson, AZ the Desert Doulas are committed to supporting women in their choices for childbirth, helping them grow in confidence during their pregnancy and labor, and when bringing baby home.  As doulas our goal is to listen to families and show respect for their culture, ideas, and customs.

Doula is a Greek word meaning a “woman who gives another woman support and assistance.”  As a trained childbirth assistant, a birth doula provides continuous emotional and physical support throught a woman’s labor.  The idea of the doula comes from the traidition of women helping women in and after childbirth, to make the birth and transition into a new family a positive and rewarding experience.

When you hire a Desert Doula you get the most experienced birth professionals in Tucson!  Together we have been in practice for over 40 years and have served thousands of families.  Each one of our doulas is certified by at least one nationally recognized organization so that both clients and providers know they can expect high quality support.  Our long-standing reputation for excellence inspires trust and respect from our local providers, and offers peace of mind to our clients who know they will receive the very best compassionate care during such an important time in their lives.  Our team approach provides continuity of care, and we offer many services to support women and their families during pregnancy, birth, and immediately postpartum.  When you hire a Desert Doula you hire the best!